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Top qualities: Good Value, On Time, High Integrity “I worked with Hanna Hunter on a complex project that included new publishing models, content conversion, cost estimating and management, and a variety of internal stakeholders. Hanna was very energetic and pro-active, and fearlessly dove into some fairly deep waters. Her ability to come to grips with new and complex material was impressive.” April 27, 2012 - Craig Van Dyck - VP, Global Content Management, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.


Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, On Time “Hanna has been a joy to work with during this particular complex project for Wiley-Blackwell. She shows great skills in bringing together a diverse team of individuals across multiple disciplines, locations and with different skill sets. It's been a challenging enough project for those of us who have been in publishing for years, and much has been cutting edge and 'virgin' territory for colleagues in the organisation. Hanna has shown great skill in bringing together the concepts, keeping a disciplined and focused project plan on track, and ensuring everyone knows what they should be doing and by when! She's been an absolute joy to work alongside, and during 25 years of career I'd rank her at the top of the tree for project management skills and expertise. It's been a pure joy throughout the process, and I attribute this to her positive nature and obvious skills to bring projects to fruition successfully.” April 27, 2012 - Paul Lansdowne - Director of Supplier Management, Global Purchasing, Wiley-Blackwell, John Wiley & Sons


'It's been a pleasure working with Hanna' - John Shepard - 15 April 2010 (@Starbucks)


'A very proficient project manager and a thoroughly nice person' - Eddie O'Grady - 15 April 2010 (@Starbucks)


"I joined the team later as the development manager. I’ve got nothing but good to say! I know I came to the project later, but I’ve really enjoyed working with you on this project. You are very professional and have done a fantastic job of coordinating this effort across time zones. I know my team has everything it needs to get our job done, and you’ve been instrumental in making that happen. Thank you!'

....I think you have great meeting execution – you are cognizant of how busy people are and make sure that we stay on track to get through the necessary agenda items. I also think you are very thorough and follow up in a timely manner. - Paula Hills - 19 April 2010 (@Starbucks)


“Hanna is a very positive personality and she has a positive influence on all the people working with her. She is so committed and devoted to her work that it all seems so easy for her to get things completed even in adverse situations. Definitely a I would like to work with in future and learn.” November 1, 2008 - Ajay Upreti, Associate Consultant, Tata Consultancy Services Limited / Virgin Atlantic Airways


“Given the white label project (on which both she and I worked together eventually) started off with near enough zero resource except her, it was impressive that Hannah got the first cut of the system up and running at all initially. The "this thing is not going to defeat me" attitude was certainly needed as she got some shape around the project so that it had a chance of delivering its objectives. Good job.” July 1, 2009 - Neil Dennis, Senior Business Analyst, Virgin Holidays


Here's some of the 360 degrees feedback Hanna has received over the years...

Hanna was an excellent project manager to work with, she was organised and thorough in all the communications with Oracle and us as a team, followed up to ensure all deadlines were being met - Saira Jabeen (@Starbucks)

Q. How would you characterise my communication skills (with you, clients and colleagues)? Eg. Direct, firm, inquiring etc

A (i). direct, thorough & inquiring - Justin Kliger (@Disney)

A (ii). Great attention to detail is the heart of Hanna’s communication style - Jake Ruttenberg (@Starbucks)

Q. What do you think worked very well?

A (i). Your persistence in nailing down issues/solutions - Alan Kersley (@Traveltainment / Virgin Holidays)

A (ii). You are intuitive and have a natural insight into the "big picture". This translates into a quick grasp of the situation, and the questions you ask are insightful and add value to our discussions. - David Rogan-Levine (@Starbucks)